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New Design: The Values/Valves Heart

Recently, a friend challenged me to come up with the top ten attributes I value most. I took it upon myself to demonstrate it in a STEAM way... because that's how I am.

These ten attributes are as follows:

  1. Passion— whether it's while working on designing a plant irrigation system or building relationships with other people, investing myself in something has always made me feel my most comfortable, and therefore my best at helping people. I respect when others are open about their passions as well, because then they feel more genuine.

  2. Openness— closing off your ability to be open with others hinders cooperation far more than it should. Stemming from prejudice, distrust, and/or fear, people close themselves off in a way that isn't just infuriating, but inefficient.

  3. Creativity— Many regard creativity as a trait that means "thinking outside of the box." Creativity, in my mind, is using a mix of the basic necessities plus personal embellishment to achieve a goal (without all the unnecessary parts of societal influence). Basically, if you need a box, use it. But if you want a triangle that will work, don't let society tell you that you need a box. And paint it pink if you feel like it.

  4. Knowledge— Ignorance is irritating. Seeking to spread knowledge leads to people interacting with each other and their environment in a way that typically improves everything involved. That's a large part of why I formed SAMN.

  5. Generosity— It's not enough to survive. Not being afraid to share ideas, resources, and happiness with others makes a better world, as well as better lives for everyone involved.

  6. Cooperation— If I alone could rid the world of all injustice, stop global warming and plastic in oceans and massive deforestation, and get the basics of a happy life to all living in poverty, I would have done it already. But not one person has. The most massive changes in history have come from people joining together, and I believe that to be the greatest power people can have.

  7. Growth— I mentioned above that ignorance is irritating; I didn't just mean the ignorance spotted in other people. Realizing epiphanies about my character and behavior is something I live for, since it means I'm always learning more (and hopefully improving).

  8. Compassion— Even if one isn't directly involved in the experience of something horrible, that doesn't mean they should stand on the sidelines and watch it happen. Having the direction to help others —even if you don't completely understand what they're going through— is a powerful trait.

  9. Justice— I would say I have an overdeveloped sense of justice. Regardless of how you believe the universe works, a lot of injustice can be prevented in life through personal and group actions— not by simply waiting for things to happen.

  10. Self-acceptance— This one's been the hardest for me to maintain. But I do believe I'm at my most efficient when I'm my most comfortable. There's nothing more uncomfortable than criticizing myself, and I won't help anyone by doing that. I hope I can help others realize that applies to the way they treat themselves.

  11. Challenge— I know, I cheated a bit, but I found that I needed to include all 11 of these. The rest of these attributes are written on the design's cogs, but this one is written on the key. The reason for this being all these attributes are kick-started inside me by Challenge— a part of every aspect of every life. It's what makes me tick.

In general, these attributes revolve around helping create a better world for as many as possible in your own style. I hope this this heart's valves in the form of cogs can remind people of healthy values.

Thank you for reading,


P.S. What words would you use to describe your top ten values?

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