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Why a Band is Better than a DJ

Let's do an article on an Art part of STEAM today— particularly on music!

When throwing a party, it may seem like your options are limited. Many decide to go for a performer who can offer an experience unlike any other. But, unfortunately, they still decide to go for a DJ or set up a Spotify playlist for a set of Bluetooth speakers. You're better than this!

A live show with a band is far better and will give you the chance to show your guests that you understand what they want. Here are the top reasons they rock harder than any DJ!

The Hype of a Live Show

Although DJs can be good at amping up a crowd and enticing them into dancing and having fun, there's still a separation between the music and party-goers. With live bands, those attending get to make eye contact and see the musicians in motion. In addition, they can encourage attendees to sing along and change lyrics to match the guests of honor or even inspire guests to request songs. As a result, parties with live shows have a higher energy level than those with DJs.

More Bespoke Performances

Live music doesn’t have to deal with the sterilization of going through a recording process, ensuring that every show is unique with its quirks and changes. Although some may see these as a bad thing, music lovers know that it just makes a performance feel more organic and in the moment. You can request that the bands do covers of your favorite songs or that they play their music; it's up to you.

Creates A Lasting Memory

Taking pictures with the band or having photos with the live band will make any party a million times more memorable. People will remember the cool guitarist or the awesome singer and keep talking about it for months. Although it will mean that you have to find other awesome bands for hire for future shows, the amount of social currency you’ll get from this can’t be calculated.

The Chance to Support Local Bands

All large bands once started as small and local bands in their area. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you don't know the local band's music, but you can do your research on them! Almost every band out there has a YouTube/channel or a website where they host their music. This allows you to hunt around for a group that suits your music tastes while also getting to support them on their multiple social media. Speaking of social media...

More Social Media Hype

Most parties aren't focused on building social media and visibility, but if you want people to know about the awesome party you threw, this can be a perk! Many bands, even smaller ones, have large social media followings that would love to see how awesome your party was. In addition, it can be a nice birthday gift to the guest of honor if the band retweets happy birthday wishes for them along with videos of the party! Although this isn't the dream for everyone, it can be an incredible experience for some key people.

So there's some music information for you for today. Go forth and consider finding a local band for your next party!

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